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Amanda & Steve’s Sonoma Engagement Photo Session

Posted on: June 8th, 2015

Amanda & Steve came to our Studio for their Engagement Photos and had a blast.  Engagement sessions are always fun and it’s a great way to get to know each other better before their wedding day.

Sebastopol Engagement Session







Matt & Danielle Wedding at Dutcher Creek Winery

Posted on: June 6th, 2015

Sneak Peak at Matt & Danielle’s Wedding at Dutcher Creek Winery.

One of the most beautiful venues we have shot at.  Weddings there are rare, it was an honor to photograph Matt & Danielle’s wedding. Danielle was a stunning bride.



 Healdsburg Wedding Photographer Dutcher Crossing Winery 01

Healdsburg Wedding Photographer Dutcher Crossing Winery 02

Santa Rosa Wedding Photographers photograph Holly & Ryan’s Wedding in Balboa Park, San Diego

Posted on: June 30th, 2013

Sonoma County Wedding Photography

On June 8th Santa Rosa Wedding Photographers Ron Crain and Nancy Crain flew down to San Diego to photograph Holly & Ryan’s Wedding at Balboa Park in San Diego, Ca.  The ceremony took place in the tiny non-denominational St. Francis Chapel across from The Museum of Man in Balboa Park. Classic Spanish architecture, the Chapel was just big enough for Holly and Ryan’s friends and family.

Here we present a sampling of the images from their special day.  All our best to Holly and Ryan, may you have a lifetime of happiness and joy.


St. Francis Chapel San Diego Wedding Photography

Here comes the Bride

St. Francis Chapel San Diego Wedding Photography

Holly & Ryan’s Wedding Ceremony – The Prayer given by Holly’s Grandfather



St. Francis Chapel San Diego Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom standing at the Altar

St. Francis Chapel San Diego Wedding Photography

Holly smiles while looking fabulous in the dress made by her Mother

St. Francis Chapel San Diego Wedding Photography

Holly & Ryan along with their entire Bridal Party.

St. Francis Chapel San Diego Wedding Photography

Holly & Ryan – Bridal Portrait at Balboa Park, San Diego




Napa Engagement Session – by Napa Photographers

Posted on: January 2nd, 2013

Last April, Lily & David invited us to photograph their day in Napa while they enjoyed a picnic lunch on top of Howell Mountain. Can you say “Relaxation”? It started out at the Calistoga Ranch and Spa where after a short shoot on the grounds, Lily & David were picked up by a ’34 Buick “Gangster Car” with a (plastic) Tommy Gun in the back window. Then they were driven to the top of Howell Mountain for a Picnic and private wine tasting of Karl Lawrence wines. What a way to spend the day. And ohhh! What do you think about that Ford Pickup?

Arken Studios includes a complimentary Studio Engagement Session with all of our Wedding Collections.  If you just became engaged over the holidays, give us a call and book your Engagement Session now.  Prime days in the spring time get booked quickly.













Engagement Session with Sam & Kasia – by Sebastopol Wedding Photograpers

Posted on: December 10th, 2012

I’d like to share a recent Engagement Session with everyone.  Here is Sam and Kasia whose wedding we will be photographing in June of 2013.  They brought their friend Jack along so we included him in a few images – can you spot him? All of us had a great deal of fun during their engagement session but Jack seemed to be tuckered out towards the end.  As usual, we went beyond our allotted time, but then we never were clock watchers.  As long as we have good light and are having fun we keep shooting.  Sam and Kasia are so much in love, it’s a real inspiration to watch them interact with each other.

I just love these two images and had to share.  What are your thoughts on these?


Girlie Cowboy Boots

Girlie Cowboy Boots


Shear Bliss













Take a look at this music slideshow and you too will see the love that they share.

Arken Studios includes a complimentary Engagement Session with ALL of our wedding packages.  We feel that the time we spend during your Engagement Session will translate to better images during your Wedding Day.  You will feel more relaxed in front of the camera and also by then we will be friends so you will have an improved level of confidence and enjoyment – it really does show through in your wedding images.


Sonoma Wedding Photographer – The Gear we use for a Wedding

Posted on: December 9th, 2012

Some Wedding Photographers will show up for a wedding with just one camera body and a lens or two.  Ever wonder what would happen if that photographer had a problem with his camera or main lens?  I was wondering about this during our last wedding of 2012 when one of my flashes made weird noises when I turned it on.  We ALWAYS have backup gear with us when we show up to photograph a wedding.  Failure of hardware is handled in stride.  Take a look at this iPhone image I shot of all the gear we brought with us for Kim & Chad’s wedding in Houston Texas.

The gear we use for a wedding.


Roughly Left to Right:  Tripod, Light Stands, 6 Flashes, 5 Camera Bodies, Lots and Lots of lenses, 3 Battery Packs for Flashes, Extra Batteries for the Cameras as well as the flashes, a multitude of Flash Cards for the images, Battery Chargers, Laptop and external Hard Drive for backing up the images right after the wedding.

We don’t take your wedding photography casually!  Rest easy when you hire Arken Studios for your wedding.


Sonoma Wedding Photographer visits Houston for a Wedding

Posted on: December 9th, 2012

Our team of 3 photographers traveled to Houston Texas last week to photograph the Wedding of Kim & Chad.  We arrived Thursday night and after unpacking and finding some dinner, we settled in for the night since we needed to get going early.  We originally planned on scouting locations on Friday for what we call our “Creatives”.  These are images where we don’t follow the Photojournalistic approach and take the bride and groom to unique locations and capture some images that are usually geared for Wall Art.

Plans are like rules, they are meant to be broken.  A Tea Ceremony was scheduled last minute for Friday.  Traditionally the Tea Ceremony is to be held the day of the wedding, but the Wedding day schedule was pretty much already set in stone, so it was moved to Friday.  No problem, it only takes one photographer for a Tea Ceremony, so the other two of us continued with our plans to scout out locations around Downtown Houston.

Saturday morning, after Kim’s Hair and Makeup, Kim got dressed in her Traditional Vietnamese dress which she had made.  Chad also had a traditional Filipino outfit made for the occasion.  Kim looked stunning in her dress to say the least, and Chad showed style too!  Here are a few images of them in their outfits.

Kim and Chad in their Cultural Wedding attire.

After our play time before the Ceremony, we headed to the Church where Kim and Chad would change into their American Wedding Attire.  Here are a few images of Kim and Chad during their Church based “Getting Ready”.  I LOVE the stained glass behind Kim in the lower left image.

Getting ready in the Church rooms.

Kim and Chad have opted for the Traditional Full Catholic Mass.  This always allows us a lot of time for photography during the Ceremony.  The first set of images are at the beginning of the Ceremony.

I love how the Stained Glass Window from the entrance of the church casts it’s own image on the Marble wall behind the altar.

The Vows of Matrimony

In the above images, Kim gets choked up with emotion while saying her vows to Chad.  Notice his holding her hand tenderly in comfort.  Don’t you just love her “Fascinator”?

Going through these images, it dawned on me.  At what point in time does a couple actually become “Married”?  Is it the ring exchange?  The saying of the vows?  Or is it the First kiss?  Here we have the moment of the First Kiss captured by three different perspectives.  It’s great that the church allowed us access to the side for the third perspective.

The First Kiss from three different perspectives

Don’t you just love that last shot?  I call it the “Locked and Loaded” pose!  The marriage was sealed with the First Kiss, then Kim and Chad are ready for action!

The Reception doesn’t start until a couple hours after the Ceremony, this allowed us time to do a bit more photography.  We stopped off at the Discovery Green, which I quickly realized must be the stopping point of every Bride in Houston.

Chad though was a bit naughty and almost got thrown in the Pokey!

Discovery Green in Houston

For now, I will leave with a few images from the Reception – held in the lobby of Minute Maid Stadium.

Gangnam Style!

’till next time!


Sonoma Photographer visits NASA’s Johnson Space Center

Posted on: December 9th, 2012


Whew, I can’t believe 2012 is almost over, it’s been one busy year to say the least.

Our last wedding for the year was last weekend, so now I think we have some breathing room for some blogging.

Here’s some fun stuff we shot while visiting NASA’s  Johnson Space Center in Houston.  I grabbed some cool images from the exterior of an Apollo Space Capsule which I think will work well as textures on Senior images.  I wonder who will be the first to have images textured from outer space?

I was most impressed with the scale of the Saturn V Rocket that they have on display.

Saturn V Rocket


Saturn V Capsule


Section of the Saturn V Rocket


Saturn V Rocket as seen from the Mid Section Rocket Engines


View from the Main Thruster Rocket Engines for the Saturn V Rocket.


A look INSIDE the Main Thruster Rocket Engine for the Saturn V Rocket

Fun With Allison… Sonoma Baby Photography

Posted on: July 28th, 2011

Ok, ok….it’s been a really long time since our last Blog post.  Days turn in to weeks turn in to…..well, you get the picture.  So, I am officially making it my Summertime Resolution to BLOG BLOG BLOG if only because we have so many great things to blog about!  To begin this personal call to action I’d like to start with the notion of how wonderful fate can be.  There I was – standing between a bazillion frames at Aaron Brothers when from out of the corner of my eye I spotted such a beautiful mom.  In one hand she carried her selection of frames while with the other hand she pushed her stroller containing the most precious baby girl with eyes, oh my goodness those eyes….well, you’ll see.  It’s times like these that I thank my lucky stars to have been raised by  parents who had no inhibitions when it came to publicly cooing and fawning all over children.  Trust me – there were times when all I wanted to do was melt in to the floor.  Today, it is a behavior that I carry on proudly.  So, to make a long Blog short, this chance encounter lead to the most amazing session with the most wonderful family you could ever hope for.  Call it fate or call it chance.  No matter what it was – I sure know I was in the best possible place at the best possible time.  Ron and I look forward to watching you grow Baby Allison.  We can’t wait until the next time.  {{hugs}}

Here are a few of our favorites………





El Molino Central Restaurant – Sonoma Food Photography

Posted on: July 16th, 2010

If you find yourself in Sonoma and you’ve got a craving for some amazing Mexican food check out the brand new El Molino Central Restaurant.

El Molino Central Restaurant

El Molino Central Restaurant

Arken Studios was recently asked to take images for their menu and website.  We eagerly accepted!

Saying this is a small place is an understatement.  They have ONE table inside which seats two, and a small seating area on their patio.  Don’t let its size fool you.  What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in taste and quality!

El Molino Interior

El Molino Interior

Can’t you just smell the drip coffee and fresh tortillas?  Yes, fresh tortillas!  They stone grind their own corn for their fresh, hot tortillas daily – yummm!

El Molino Coffee

El Molino Coffee

Grinding Corn for Fresh Tortillas!

Grinding Corn for Fresh Tortillas!

The demand for their delicious Mexican food has been incredible with one problem – El Molino Central opened its doors with NO paper menus!  While we were there customers kept streaming in taking their food to go.  The need for a menu was obvious.  The flavor of their food is also obvious as you can see from the images below.

Melissa was brought in to design a menu for them and Ron photographed the charming restaurant and their delectable main dishes.  Problem solved!



More scrumptious

More scrumptious

In a nutshell – This is not your normal Mexican take-out joint.  It is a little jewel of a place where scrumptiously authentic, artfully prepared tacos, tostadas and all your favorites (plus a few surprises) await you!